Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Brain Cutlets Recipe

Brain Cutlets Recipe
Brain Cutlets 

Brain Cutlets Recipe


  1. 1 cerebrum (goat) 
  2. 1 onion 
  3. 1 green bean stew 
  4. 1 egg 
  5. 2 oz. flour 
  6. salt 
  7. pepper 
  8. bread morsel 
  9. 1 cut of bread 

Preparing Method

Take out the cerebrum, wash and cook it, in the water, till it is prepared. Take it off, and 
expel all the brazen parts from it, with a spoon and fork. Douse 1 major cut of bread in 
the water. Cut the onion and bean stew fine and influence the bread to morsel. Evacuate all water, 
from the cut of bread, which has been splashed and blend it with the cooked cerebrum. 
Put flour (to make it thick), salt, pepper, stew, (as indicated by taste) and blend inside and out 
(in the event that the blend is sticky don't utilize egg) splash into the bread morsel and shape it. At that point 
plunge into the beaten egg and broil.

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