Friday, September 15, 2017

Bhajya Recipe

Bhajya Recipe


Bhajya Recipe

Take chilka wali Khichdi ki daal(moong ki daal)
Salt and red chilly powder according to taste
Small pieces of onion, hara dhania and green chilly to mix according to proportion
Oil and wok for deep frying.

Preparing Method

Wash daal and soak for sometime, chilka will separate. Then grind in chopper. Leave for sometime to ferment just like you leave pizza dough with yeast. In summers it takes lesser time, may have to add a little baking powder in winter for bhajyas to rise. Then add salt, red chilly powder, cut onion, green chillies and dhania. Wet palm and make Tikyas and deep fry. Tastes nice if eaten with hari chutney.

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