Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Dessert Vermicelli and Mango Recipe

Dessert Vermicelli and Mango Recipe

Ingredients and Quantity

11/2 litre milk should be slurp consistency while eating.
4 mangoes
Sugar should be enough to give a sweet taste as sometimes the mangoes are not so sweet.
a little less than 3/4 packet crushed with hands.

Preparing Method
Dessert Vermicelli and Mango

Make the vermicelli separately
Take the milk(cool)Put in crushed vermicelli and sugar.Cook till the vermicelli appears on the surface.Cut mango strips horizontally and vertically to form cubes then gently scrape the mango pulp so you'll get cubes. After the vermicelli cools add the cubes of mangoes to it and place them in glass dishes to cool. Best eaten after left in refrigerator.Optional you can add a couple of teaspoons of rose water for the aftertaste

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